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EFFICIENT NOISE REDUCTION: SORBER baffles don't just redirect sound - they absorb it! SORBER's NRC ratings are greater than 90 %.

Set up S4-2 or S5-2 SORBER in freestand mode and avoid messing up your walls by gluing, nailing, screwing, etc. Reconfigure your room setup quickly and easily. Also, SORBER case fabric is "Velcro receptive". If desired, SORBER can be held against a surface using standard Velcro hook. S2 SORBER squares attach to ClearSonic Panels this way. Use the Velcro flaps to attach adjacent S4-2 or S5-2 baffles to each other.

Made from a super tough carpet "trunk" cloth (polypropylene with a latex backing) that can take the abuse of the road! 

Both the light and dark gray cloth look great from either side!

 SORBER systems are mass produced. Our prices are lower because we take advantage of economies of scale.

All SORBER products have a Class A fire rating. To be considered 'Class A', a product must have a Flame Spread of less than 25 and a Smoke Developed Index rating of less than 450. SORBER products have a Flame Spread index of 0 and a Smoke Developed index of 65. Testing was performed by Omega Point Lab using the ASTM E84 Test Standard. Click here to view test results

The STC and STS SORBER baffles are most commonly used as lid sections. The STC4 and STS4 are 2' wide x 4' long. The STC5 and STS5 are 2' wide x 5.5' long. STC412 and STC512 are 1' wide each. STC sections are rectangular, while STS sections are trapezoid shaped.

The STC4 and STC5 can also be attached to walls and ceilings as acoustic treatment

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